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Collaborating with partners in practice and communities

GROW has taken the great social and practical relevance of the topic of well-being into old age into account from the very beginning.  The knowledge transfer of the results into society is not only taken into consideration at the end of the research work, but rather is the exchange with various practical actors, interest groups and the senior citizens themselves at the beginning and during the investigations an integrative part of the scientific debate. Cooperation with practice is therefore of central importance.

Practice Advisory Board in the Executive Committee

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Senioren-Organisationen

German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ursula Lehr is representing BAGSO and acts as advisor to GROW.


Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Raimund Schmolze-Krahn represents Deutsche Telekom and advises the NRW Research College GROW.


Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe

Christian Heerdt advises GROW on behalf of the KDA.


Regionales Innovationsnetzwerk „Gesundes Altern“ – Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V.

Regional Innovation Network "Healthy Ageing" - Health Region KölnBonn e.V.

The Health Region KölnBonn is represented by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Goetzke, who provides advice to GROW.


Collaborating partners of GROW

Scientific cooperation

Representative Study NRW80+

Quality of Life and Well-Being of the Very Old in NRW